Make your Business Plan now with the Junior Company HEC!

The realization of Business Plan has been the expertise of junior company HEC for more than 30 years.
This document will allow you to convince investors (or other players) that your project is feasible!

The Junior Company HEC can establish a Business Plan that will allow you to propose a coherent and multichannel structure (Financing, Marketing, Operational, Legal etc.) to your project.

You will therefore have the opportunity to present a comprehensive and detailed study to the various agents (investors, partners, board of directors) who will participate in the development of your project, greatly enhancing your credibility.

SINCE HEC Lausanne is focused on entrepreneurship, Master’s students in Management and Information Systems have all the necessary skills to carry out a complete, relevant and adapted work to your ideas and needs.

Students working on your project will be carefully selected, coached and supervised by the Junior Enterprise HEC.

Why trust us?

  • Flexible students with the latest theoretical knowledge will be at your service.
  • A young and innovative vision will be brought to your Business Plan.
  • A professional rendering and directly adapted to potential investors is guaranteed.
  • The Business Plan will be provided in just a few weeks!


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