HEC Junior Enterprise offers the expertise of more than 600 students end Bachelor and Master specialization. We enjoy including the university infrastructure, support teachers and the board of partners (consulting firms, banks, …).

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Your project requires funds? Looking for investors, but you do not have paper to convince them that your project is feasible?

HEC Junior Enterprise can establish a business plan that certainly allow you to propose a financing structure and investment in your project. You will have therefore the opportunity to present a comprehensive and detailed study to the various agents (investors, partners, board of directors) to participate in the development of your project, greatly enhancing your credibility.

You don’t know where you stand facing your competitors, your customers or on the local market?

Take a survey of your potential customers. Face to face, by phone or mail, respondents complete a questionnaire developed well. We can then, through careful analysis, determine the characteristics of the market, what are your strengths and weaknesses, but especially how to position yourself.

Are there a market for the product that you think you develop? Do you have the means to launch a particular product? What are the parameters that will launch your project a success?

These are questions that a feasibility study can answer. It aims to eliminate, as possible, uncertainty about the feasibility of an idea or project. Through detailed analysis, we shall constitute a document that will serve as basis for decision in relation to your intuitions and your goals.

You need to reshape the image of one of your products, or to prepare its entry on the market?

So do call for creative students and implemented through the HEC Junior Enterprise. The result of our “brainstorming” will give you the means to enter the market successfully. With a pool of over 600 students, it’s so many creations that could result.

You offer a product but have not sought the opinion of the users about it? You have trouble locating your product to the market?

We will make sure to answer these questions through a survey. Based on a comprehensive sample of consumers, we will try to identify missing elements to your product and discover the key to success.

You offer a product but have not sought the opinion of the users about it? You have trouble locating your product to the market?

We will make sure to answer these questions through a student group gathered by us. Based on a comprehensive sample of consumers, we will try, with you to collect and analyze information to detect missing items to your product and discover the key to success.

Your data is wrong, wrong entries? Your database is no longer suited to current information?

We can redesign your database and implement it with a new input mask to make your data the heart of each of your internal process. Junior Enterprise HEC find the solution you need to store all the information you feel necessary.

Want to host a weekend, a day, an evening, a meal or just a short time during which your employees can really meet?

Call upon the HEC Junior Enterprise to set up this event: Updates staff, discussions, customer relationships, etc … The HEC Junior Enterprise is responsible for you to solve all organizational details. From design to implementation, we will ensure that this time meets your expectations.

You want to embark on a new adventure? You want to take control of the future of your company?

HEC Junior Enterprise will be happy to assist you: situation analysis, brainstorming, defining the economic and financial model, business strategies and marketing … the strategy of your company will become our priority.

For almost thirty years, the Junior Company provides services based on economic knowledge, financial, or management.

But kindly start-ups and companies, aware that you have undoubtedly faced with legal issues arising from the exercise of your activities, the Junior Company, as always, demonstrated innovation by targeting your needs and is happy you announce the extension of its scope to certain legal aspects.

This applies in particular to the following:

· Creation of contracts of all kinds;

· Advice corporate taxation;

· Advice and / or realization of framework contracts;

· Advice in management and rationalization agreements, including through standard contracts;

· Advice on statutory and regulatory possibilities, concerning the limits of the legal framework;

· Advice on general conditions, particularly with regard to unusual clauses;


Just a phone call or email to let us know your needs. After discussion internally, we choose the most qualified project manager to respond to your request. We then suggest a date for establishing the draft (quotation).

This document, produced for free, is a proposal as to the progress of the project and thus allows to estimate the necessary budget to fulfill the mandate. Members of the Junior Entreprise HEC provide for their monitoring and quality throughout the study and the ongoing maintenance of good communication between the parties.

At the end of the mandate, a confidential final report, jointly prepared by the project manager and monitoring officials with the customer. Our keyword on the implementation of a mandate is communication.

Thanks to this policy we avoid any surprises during the project’s progress and assure you quality work. Having knowledge of the problems quickly through good communication, we can act effectively against possible contingencies. The mandate is the result of hard work and effective communication.


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